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Top Reasons to Try the Pilates Reformer

Top Reasons to Try the Pilates Reformer

Posted September 15, 2021

To the uninformed, the Pilates reformer can seem daunting, scary, and even downright dangerous. But to those in the know, reformer Pilates provides an intensive, full-body, low-impact workout that can help you tone up, shed weight, and look and feel great!

Here are our top reasons to try reformer Pilates.

What is a Reformer?

The Pilates reformer is a type of Pilates equipment. The reformer was developed by Joseph Pilates and is a type of Pilates exercise apparatus that can arguably provide a more intense workout than mat Pilates exercises.

It is a bed-like frame with a flat platform, called the carriage, on top which rolls backward and forwards on wheels. There is also a footbar at the end of the reformer which is adjustable and holds springs. At the top of the frame, opposite the footbar, there are also some straps with handles that you can place your feet or hands into, depending on the exercise.

The reformer is a highly customisable piece of equipment that makes it possible for people of almost any body type to use it to exercise. It’s a great choice for those looking to improve their core stability and achieve good postural alignment. It’s also perfect for toning up, rehabilitating your body after an injury, or getting a thorough, full-body workout.

Pilates Reformer

Try Reformer Pilates

A number of exercises can be done on the reformer. Each exercise was developed by Joseph Pilates to promote strength, flexibility and balance. For the most part, Pilates exercises done on the reformer use the carriage and require you to push, pull or hold the carriage steady during your workout. There are many, many different types of reformer exercises available, even for beginners!

While it can be a tricky piece of equipment to master, the reformer is extremely versatile. When using the reformer in your Pilates exercises, you can exercise standing up, sitting down, lying down, pulling on the straps, using the footbar, being perched on the footbar, using additional equipment like boxes or rings, and even be upside down!

Pilates for Beginners

Reason to Try Reformer Pilates #1

Toning Up, Pounding Down

Don’t let the term ‘low-impact’ fool you – reformer Pilates is a full-body workout that can have you shedding weight long after your class has ended.

The nature of the reformer is the secret to its effectiveness: by being able to completely customise the apparatus to your needs, you can ensure that every workout is a challenge. Each workout will help you progress towards a stronger, slenderer body.

Reason to Try Reformer Pilates #2

Posture and Spinal Support

It’s important not to underestimate how crucial proper posture is. Standing, sitting, walking – doing all of these actions with the correct posture can help protect your spine and prevent health problems later on.

Your spine controls your movement and is your structural support, making it imperative to strengthen your core and abdominal muscles to better support it. Reformer Pilates is the ultimate core-strengthening workout and is a great way to improve your core and abdominal strength.

Reason to Try Reformer Pilates #3

Recover from and Prevent Injuries

Pilates was created to help WWI soldiers recover from their injuries. It was designed to provide support and to strengthen weak areas over time, as well as to reduce the risk of future injury. When used properly, the Pilates reformer is a great exercise apparatus for recovering from injuries and retraining your body.

Reason to Try Reformer Pilates #4

Monitor Your Progress

If you’re participating in an exercise program, it’s always wise to benchmark your progress against something. This will help you monitor whether or not you’re completing your goals.

The reformer can be your exercise apparatus and your benchmark tool – as a completely customisable piece of exercise equipment, you can constantly make changes to the level of difficulty – or resistance – you face when using the reformer. This way, you will always be improving – physically and in terms of Pilates – which is something mat Pilates exercises may not be able to offer you.

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