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What to Wear to Reformer Pilates


How the right attire can supercharge your reformer Pilates experience

You've heard all about the benefits of reformer Pilates, now let's explore what to wear to Pilates on your next visit to the studio! When it comes to what you should wear to reformer Pilates, it isn't just about fashion – it's about enhancing your performance, comfort, and overall experience.

The choice of clothing can impact your range of motion, flexibility, and confidence during your workout. Let's delve into how selecting the appropriate attire can truly supercharge your reformer Pilates sessions

What are the optimal shirt choices for pilates?

Choosing the right shirt for your reformer Pilates class is essential for comfort and performance. Look for breathable materials that wick away sweat and allow your skin to breathe. Fitted tank tops or moisture-wicking tees are excellent choices. These shirts ensure that your posture and movements aren't hindered while keeping you cool and dry throughout your session at the Pilates studio.

different shirts at Pilates Class

Leggings or Shorts for Reformer Pilates?

The choice between leggings and shorts ultimately depends on your personal preference and the level of comfort you seek.

Leggings offer full coverage, which can be especially helpful during more complex movements that involve sliding on the reformer.

Shorts, on the other hand, provide better ventilation and might be preferable if you tend to get warm easily. Whichever you choose, make sure the fabric is stretchy enough to accommodate a wide range of motions.

Wearing shorts and leggings to pilates class

Grip Socks or Barefoot? Tackling the footwear dilemma.

Deciding between grip socks and going barefoot is another decision to make for your reformer classes. For Pilates, grip socks provide added stability and prevent slipping on the reformer machine.

At Club Pilates Classes, grip socks are required as they promote safety and stability during your exercises on the Pilates equipment.

wearing grip socks in pilates class

Choosing the fabrics that move with you.

One of the most crucial aspects of reformer Pilates attire is the fabric. You want to be comfortable in your reformer pilates classes, aim for fabrics that are both stretchy and breathable.

Stretchiness is key. The fabric should allow you to move freely through a complete range of motion without any hindrance. During reformer Pilates, your body will twist, bend, and stretch in various directions. Fabric that offers elasticity ensures your movements aren't restricted, allowing you to focus on proper form and maximising the benefits of the exercises.

Breathability is equally important. As your body heats up during the workout, you want the fabric to facilitate proper air circulation. Breathable fabrics prevent overheating and discomfort, helping you maintain your energy and concentration throughout the Pilates session.

Pilates workout clothing

Clothing mistakes to avoid for a seamless Pilates reformer class

Now that we know the specifics of what to wear, let's address some common attire mistakes to steer clear of. Avoid overly baggy clothing that might get caught in the reformer's mechanisms. Similarly, skip clothing with zippers or embellishments that could cause discomfort during movements. Overly tight clothing is also a no-go, as it can restrict your range of motion. Opt for a balance between comfort, functionality, and style.

When selecting your reformer Pilates attire, aim to strike a balance between comfort, functionality, and style. Comfort ensures that you can focus on your exercises without being distracted by clothing that shifts or causes discomfort. Functionality involves choosing attire that facilitates your movements for Pilates, enabling you to achieve proper form and engage your muscles effectively. Lastly, style is a personal touch that can boost your confidence and motivation during the workout.

what to wear at club pilates


Crafting your Ultimate Reform Pilates Look.

Your choice of attire for reformer Pilates can significantly impact your workout experience. By avoiding common clothing mistakes, selecting optimal shirts, choosing between leggings and shorts, choosing your grip socks, and prioritising fabrics that move with you, you're setting yourself up for success in every session. Craft your ultimate reformer Pilates class look by combining functionality, comfort, and style to make the most of your workouts and enjoy a fulfilling Pilates journey.

Your reformer Pilates attire is more than just functional; it's an extension of your personal style and motivation. Choose colours and patterns that make you feel confident and energised. Mix and match your favourite pieces to create an ensemble that reflects your personality while providing the comfort and flexibility you need during your visit to the Pilates studios.



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