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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Pilates

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Pilates

Posted 05 January 2022

Pilates may seem like a relatively straightforward exercise method, but that common misconception is why many individuals that try Pilates never see the results they want. In order to really benefit from this popular workout program, you need to be invested and follow the right steps during your workouts.

One of the biggest mistakes those new to Pilates make is with their form. Movement, control, and breathing are some of the most important principles in Pilates, so proper form is paramount for success!

Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid when doing Pilates.

Pilates is supposed to help you move better, so if your posture is not correct then the exercise will be far less effective. If you slouch, round your shoulders forward, or have any other bad form during your workouts, this could potentially lead to chronic pain and injuries down the road.

For example, when doing a single leg stretch: don’t bend your standing knee or flex at the hip – keep everything straight and properly aligned!

Not Being Consistent With Your Workouts

A lot of people believe that just one Pilates class per week will do the trick and yield major results for their body over time. That’s simply not true! You need to be consistent with your workout schedule in order to see significant improvement to your fitness levels.

For example, doing Pilates classes just twice per week can provide far better results – and provide them faster – thank if you’re only going once. The more dedicated you are to your exercise program, and to really putting in the effort to get healthy and fit, the better the results you’ll get!

Pilates - Club Pilates

Many people that do Pilates in the gym and at home, often misuse their equipment. For example, when using a reformer: don’t let your feet dangle in mid-air! This is extremely dangerous for your back and can easily lead to injury – so keep them on the pegs!

Also, pay close attention to detail during any exercises you do with resistance tubes. Many people pull too hard on their tubing and actually strain themselves because they’re trying to use more force than necessary during each exercise rep. The best advice to follow is that of your trained and qualified Pilates instructor who can help you understand technical equipment like the reformer, allowing you to ramp up your workout and see better results.

You Don't Understand the Correct Movements

The Pilates method of exercise is all about proper movement and control. If you’re not trying to do the same as shown in your instructor’s demonstrations, then you may as well just be wearing yourself out for nothing. Doing only half the move will provide you with half the results – it really is that simple!

For example, doing a regular curl up: don’t curl up and down at the same time by moving your head and shoulders along with your abdominals. You’ll get no benefit from this type of half-baked routine, so make sure you understand what each movement should be doing before actually getting started.

Club Pilates is a great place to start for anyone new to Pilates. We offer a welcoming but challenging atmosphere, coupled with compassionate, trained instructors that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Breathing Incorrectly When Doing Pilates

The way you breathe is an integral part of your Pilates workout. Breathing nice and deeply in the abdominals while doing your exercises, is actually more difficult than it sounds, but once mastered will quickly become second nature during all your workouts.

Breathe too shallowly or not at all during your Pilates session, however, and you’ll run out of oxygen far quicker than necessary – which won’t do anything positive for your body! One quick tip to avoid this mistake is to remember that if it’s easy to talk during an exercise then you’re breathing too shallowly.

Struggling With Your Pilates Workout?

Pilates can be difficult to ease into and challenging to master, but putting real effort in will provide you with results you may not ever enjoy from other exercise methods. We encourage all Pilates beginners to try a class at a local Club Pilates studio. We offer classes for all competency levels, with class times spanning from early morning to late evening.

Pilates is for everybody, of every size, shape, and age. It’s a great way to get fit and healthy, tone your muscles, improve your posture, and even to avoid injury!

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