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3 Daily Activities That Cause Back Pain

3 Daily Activities That Cause Back Pain

Posted 8 February 2022

Back pain is something most of us will experience at least once in our lives. In fact, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare estimates that as many as 70-90% of Australians will face back pain or back-related issues at some point in their lives.

While these figures are high, we shouldn’t be surprised: our modern, day-to-day lives are far more sedentary than they should be, and factors like poor posture only exacerbate back pain further. There are activities we engage in daily that also contribute to back pain – but Pilates can help!

Here are three daily activities that cause back pain.

Prolonged Periods of Sitting at a Desk Can Cause Back Pain

Most of us spend a lot of time in front of a screen, in an office environment. It’s normal to experience back ache after spending hours in the same position, hunched over your keyboard or phone. The human spine isn’t designed to be static – it needs movement! But even when you stretch out your legs for lunch, if you return to work seated at your desk soon after, you are likely negating any relief the move may have brought. So what can we do?

A Pilates class provides you with exercises that not only strengthen and tone spines (and therefore help fight back pain) but also increase overall flexibility and mobility of joints and muscles. By taking one of our classes twice a week (or more!), you will not only feel the benefits of standing tall in your day-to-day life, but also help prevent further back pain issues.

Sudden Bursts of Energy Can Cause Back Pain

Many of us try to get through our work days without taking any breaks – even if we are sitting down for eight hours straight! We convince ourselves that what we are doing is incredibly important, and how could it possibly matter if we rest?

The truth is that our postural muscles can tire more quickly than they can recover – which means that sudden bursts of energy throughout the day (like when you’re challenged at work) contribute to back pain.

It’s not just lack of movement that affects posture either: many modern chairs are designed with inadequate support, meaning your spine is not in the correct place while seated.

A Pilates class will teach you to breathe deeply on a regular basis, and work the deep muscles of the abdomen – all of which helps fight back pain. It also strengthens your core (which provides natural support for your body), while at the same time improving mobility and flexibility throughout the spine and joints.

Poor Sleep or Incorrect Sleeping Positions Can Cause Back Pain

As we have already suggested, prolonged periods of inactivity in front of a computer or television can cause back pain – and bad posture. Does that mean you should try to remain active for as long as possible each day?

Not exactly. In fact, if you are struggling with back pain, the best thing is probably to get plenty of rest – but make sure your sleep position doesn’t contribute further! Many people incorrectly assume that lying on their stomachs with a pillow under their chest causes less strain on the spine than sleeping on your side – however this simply isn’t true, and can often lead to painful neck sprain or back strains.

By taking a Pilates class twice a week (or more), you will not only improve your overall physical condition, but also work your way into a comfortable sleeping position – which will help you sleep better and combat back pain. Did you know that poor posture can not only lead to back pain but can cause shoulder problems as well?

Combat Back Pain with Regular Pilates Classes!

Your core muscles are a big part of your body’s musculature. Pilates is a great way to strengthen and tone these crucial muscles, which in turn will help support your spine and prevent back pain.

Pilates can also teach you not only to stand tall but how to move from the right position – allowing you to keep working, sleeping or standing without causing further damage!

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